A community for parents to be empowered with Singapore Math knowledge and skills, ignite their children's passion for Math through hands-on activities and games, and motivate children to learn through Math conversations in daily lives.

Two key ingredients for children to enjoy and excel in Math: Attitude and Metacognition

I equip parents, who are worried that their 4-7yo cannot cope with Math, with research-backed strategies to cultivate their child’s interest in Math.
A keen interest and strong foundation in Math will stand the kids in good stead for the rest of their lives.

Newsletter: Building Blocks for Learning Math

Learn brain-based strategies and receive exclusive resources to build a strong foundation and cultivate your child's interest in Math.



Resources To Get You Started

Includes a detailed guide on how to use the Ten-Frame and bonus activity templates.

Learn addition using the concrete-pictorial-abstract approach.

Make graphing fun with the rainbow spinner, dot stickers, dot markers or your child's favourite stamps!

Who Am I?

I am Jacinth, a Singapore Mathematics teacher, textbook co-author, parent coach and a mother to two kids (Daryl 6 yo, and Charlotte 4 yo).
I have been tutoring and teaching Math and Science for more than 10 years now. Using my knowledge in brain-based learning, I engage children creatively with activities and Math manipulatives that suit their learning styles.
I believe that every child is unique and it is our job as teachers and parents to cater to our child’s learning styles, instead of forcing our child to learn the way we teach.
Read more about my story, teaching beliefs and how you can nurture your child’s love for learning Mathematics.